Get the right assets to market

every time

Discover why Simple makes Digital Asset
Management easy

Discover why Simple makes Digital Asset Management easy

A single source of truth for your brand’s most
valuable assets

A single source of truth for your brand’s most valuable assets

  • Now it’s a piece of cake to create, approve, store and share the most up-to-date version of your images, ads, copy and much more, with the easy-to-use DAM that integrates with Microsoft Teams.
  • Spend less time manually hunting through endless folders for those assets you’re sure were there the day before.
  • Reduce your marketing costs by eliminating redundant asset creation – everything is accessible in one place.
  • Keep you brand content is consistent and compliant, with only the correct, approved versions going to market.

What sets Simple Digital Asset Management apart?

Store and tag your assets your way

Simple offers real flexibility, letting you search by title, description, file type and metadata, and create your own taxonomy to find your content faster.

More flexibility with your files

Whether you’re storing and sharing PDFs, JPGs, PNGs, GIFs, Creative Cloud files, videos, Microsoft Office files or CAD drawings, Simple easily handles them all.

Send only the right assets to market

Determine who can see and access which assets, while making the most up-to-date versions easy to find. Plus, build asset approvals into workflows to make sure every box is ticked.

AI-assistance makes tagging & searching even easier

With inbuilt facial recognition, automatic image tagging, and auto-tagging bulk uploads with folder metadata. Storage capacity is unlimited.

Edit documents

For Microsoft file formats including Word, PowerPoint and Excel, with changes tracked through document history giving you security, visibility and version control.

Better cloud for faster sharing

Where your data centres sit determine how fast you can distribute your files. Simple sits on Microsoft Azure, giving you a huge range of options globally.


Your most important, mission-critical files are stored in your DAM. That’s why ours is built on ultra-secure Microsoft technology, with our ISO:27001 certification for real peace of mind.

Integrate all your
marketing activities

Through connecting to Simple’s Marketing Resource Management solution, so you can also manage your plans, budgets, campaigns, approvals and compliance – plus analyse performance.

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