Do more

Instead of manually hunting through desktop folders, servers and your sent items folder for those assets you’re sure were there the day before.

For less

Waste less of your marketing budget duplicating assets you already have, with everything you need easily searchable in one safe place.

With greater efficiency

Get to market faster with a host of AI-driven, productivity boosting features that automate the things that used to require hours of tedious manual data entry.

And without mistakes

Keep your brand content consistent and compliant, with a single repository that helps ensure only the correct, approved versions go to market.

Slide AI-assisted searching and tagging Simple’s AI-driven digital asset management features can be customised to recognise just about anything – faces, colours, text and product SKUs are just the start. Meaning it’s uses go way beyond image tagging – the possibilities are limitless. Slide More flexibility for your files Whether you’re storing and sharing PDFs, JPGs, PNGs, GIFs, Creative Cloud files, videos, Microsoft Office files or CAD drawings, Simple digital asset management easily handles them all. Slide Intuitive access management Determine who can see, access and upload assets, while making sure the most up-to-date versions are easy to find. Plus, build asset approvals into workflows with Simple MRM for complete compliance. Slide AI tagging and indexing for video The machine learning behind Simple Digital Asset Management easily handles video as well as static files. You can tag and index files, extract speech and identify speakers, extract on-screen text, and detect faces from an existing database. Slide Faster cloud file sharing Where your data centres are located determine how fast you can distribute your files. Simple sits on Microsoft Azure, giving you a huge range of options, nationally, regionally and globally. (It also works easily with Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint.) Slide Complete MRM integration Manage how your assets are created and approved with Simple marketing resource management. Together, Simple MRM and DAM are a one-stop shop for marketing campaigns, budgets, collaboration and compliance.

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How to make the right DAM decision

Ask: what do you need your DAM to do for you?

A digital asset management platform can be much more than just a way to store, share and search for images. For example, it can speed up campaign development by allowing you to edit documents within the DAM environment itself. Or you can take it to the next level by opting for Simple brand automation, which allows you to create brand-aligned templates that can be used by regional teams, local branches and even allow you to work more effectively with your advertising agencies and other suppliers.

Ask: do you need AI to help power your DAM?

An AI-powered DAM (like Simple’s) can work to make the process of storing and sharing your assets much more efficient. Simple uses machine learning to figure out what’s contained in your images and automatically create the appropriate tags, saving you time in manually filling out those fields. You can also use those same tags when you place your images online for SEO purposes.

Ask: are there any custom features you’d like to add?

Once you’ve got Simple’s DAM functionality in place, there’s no limit to the way it can be customised to deliver the kind of functionality your team needs. For example, the richness and depth of image identification can be extended depending on how specifically you need to tag those images, identifying fine differences between similar-looking product SKUs – especially powerful for online retailers. Don’t be shy about asking us for exactly what you need.

Ask: does the technical ‘back-end’ work with your IT needs?

Do you have any security or certification requirements? Are there organisational IT policies around asset storage and risk levels? Do you require integrations with any of your existing applications, or do you need access to an open API? We can work with you no matter your answers to any of those questions, as well as supporting you with whatever SLAs your organisation requires.

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