Marketing resource management

Execute your marketing strategy to perfection with a comprehensive marketing operations platform, designed by marketers, for marketers.



Digital asset management

Store, share and search for images, video and other content easily, with an AI-powered DAM solution that can stand alone or integrate straight into our MRM platform.



Brand automation

Empower your global offices, local marketers and regional branches with simple, intuitive, brand-compliant design and content templates that give you best-practice results.


The Power of Simple for…
driving down costs
THE PAIN OF COMPLEX When your brand is big and your marketing mix even bigger, supplier costs can quickly get out of hand. Simple brings the visibility of all those costs into one place, making it easy to spot redundancy, wasteful processes and supplier bloat. Explaining to the chief financial officer why going you’re 50% above your advertising agency retainer every month and getting 0% back in return. THE POWER OF SIMPLE Taking an axe to above-retainer costs.
The Power of Simple for…
herding cats
THE PAIN OF COMPLEX Your strategy’s been honed – make sure it’s executed right. Simple shows you everything your team is doing, in one central place. Know straight away if budget’s misallocated, or tactics are off strategy, and steer the ship back on course. Knowing that someone, somewhere has somehow done something wrong, but not having the faintest idea how to figure out what it is. THE POWER OF SIMPLE A single dashboard with everything on it.
The Power of Simple for…
managing marketing budgets
THE PAIN OF COMPLEX Instead of hunting through countless documents to figure out exactly where the money’s been spent, use the Simple marketing command centre to see what you’re spending on each and every job, campaign and cost-centre for the month, quarter, half and year – and how it all adds up. Managing your multi-million-dollar marketing budget using fourteen spreadsheets, three whiteboards and a Post-It® note that fell off your monitor six weeks ago. THE POWER OF SIMPLE A single source of financial truth.
The Power of Simple for…
approvals and compliance
THE PAIN OF COMPLEX The senior people needed to approve your marketing can often be difficult to pin down.
So Simple’s workflow tools do the pinning down for you, putting processes in place that help you stay maximally compliant.
Hoping and praying a certain ‘senior stakeholder’ eventually responds to the new marketing intern’s desperate 11 p.m. emails begging him to please sign off on the campaign due to launch first thing in the morning. THE POWER OF SIMPLE Workflows that give approvers nowhere to hide.
The Power of Simple for…
results-driven marketing
THE PAIN OF COMPLEX Marketing will always be part art, but it can also be a science. But Simple integrates with Microsoft Power BI to give you a much better grasp of marketing effectiveness and other key metrics. Carefully bluffing your way through a lengthy presentation on last quarter’s marketing ROI to the CEO, CFO and the rest of the heartless, cold-eyed executive team. THE POWER OF SIMPLE Crystal clear visualisations of marketing results.
The Power of Simple for…
digital asset management
THE PAIN OF COMPLEX Thousands of global brands now use digital asset management as a ‘single source of truth’ for brand images, video, logos, icons and more. Simple takes that to the next level with a host of novel, AI-driven features you can take a look at now. That panicked search through your sent items folder in the desperate hope of finding those three missing JPGs by 4:30 pm. THE POWER OF SIMPLE Every marketing asset in one safe place.

We love working with

Slide SIMPLE AT A GLANCE Campaign visibility Using a calendar view, it’s easy to see which jobs are active and when they’re due, all in one place. No need to consult a half a dozen or more spreadsheets or PowerPoint documents. Slide SIMPLE AT A GLANCE Kanban view with budgets
At the campaign level, not only can you see where every job is at in its development, you can compare campaigns according to expenditure in a single view, and know whether your budgets are being allocated to the right things.
Slide SIMPLE AT A GLANCE Briefing templates Not only do briefing templates make it easy to ensure everyone on your marketing team is doing briefs correctly, with the right information, intelligent briefs can auto-populate your briefs with briefing best-practice. Slide SIMPLE AT A GLANCE Job mark-up Rather than sharing PDFs via email and getting versions mixed up, Simple puts all your marketing assets into workflows that you can mark-up within Simple itself. Saving hours of time, confusion and collation. Slide SIMPLE AT A GLANCE Approval workflows The busy, senior stakeholders that approve your marketing can often be hard to get hold of. So Simple lets you incorporate all necessary approvals into a single workflow – and means nothing gets accidentally sent to market before being seen and signed off by the right people. Slide SIMPLE AT A GLANCE Campaign performance reporting With the C-suite demanding ever more accountability and validation from marketing, Simple’s reporting functionality can be customised to deliver clear reports on the metrics that matter to your organisation. Not only can you look at campaign success, you can study operational metrics to make sure your workflow processes are optimal. Slide SIMPLE AT A GLANCE Resources dashboards Knowing who’s available and how much work they have assigned to them is critical to maximising your human resources, as well as being able to pivot and plan on shorter time horizons. Simple gives you all the information you need at a glance. Slide SIMPLE AT A GLANCE Digital asset management Digital asset management is becoming a must have for marketers, who are no longer content to waste hours hunting through emails and files servers for assets. Simple’s DAM is a natural extension of our MRM platform – but also works equally well independently. Slide SIMPLE AT A GLANCE DAM asset tagging AI is at the heart of Simple digital asset management. As well as automatically tagging images based on their content, it can be customised to recognise text, product SKUs and much more – saving hours of manual entry and making AI really work for you. Slide SIMPLE AT A GLANCE Brand automation templates Save hundreds of hours of design resources by creating perfectly brand-compliant templates that can be shared with local bricks-and-mortar branches, regional marketing teams or your external partners – ensuring quality and consistency while taking advantage of the on-the-ground customer knowledge they possess.

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    Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Simple

    Marketing resource management (MRM for short) is a form of enterprise application that helps make marketing, marketing operations and your whole marketing mix more productive, agile and cost-effective. MRM fills the ‘hidden gap’ between martech’s dozens of data analytics tools and automation platforms, ensuring deep customer insights get turned into highly effective campaigns, without getting lost in process.

    Used intelligently, marketing resource management can save organisations millions in operational costs. The most effective MRM platforms, like Simple, combine marketing resource management with digital asset management and brand automation solutions to completely streamline marketing planning and execution.

    Digital asset management (shortened to DAM) is a central repository that stores marketing assets and makes them easy to organise, find and share. As a single source of truth for images, videos, logos, icons and other content, it accelerates productivity through faster searching and sharing, and helps you maintain a consistent brand image, locally, nationally and globally. More advanced DAM’s, like Simple’s, use artificial intelligence (AI) to tag images, recommend assets and improve DAM performance in general.

    Brand automation is used by some of the world’s largest brands to make sure all their advertising campaigns and marketing assets maintain brand equity through a consistent look and feel. Using templates that integrate with design applications like the Adobe Creative Cloud suite or SaaS platforms like Canva, organisations using brand automation can make sure local agencies and regional branches do the right thing. Brand automation can also reduce the cost of your advertising agencies by letting you make minor changes to artwork in-house, instead of paying for unnecessary rounds of amends.

    The pressure on marketing departments is rapidly increasing. As they grow in size to accommodate new marketing channels, compliance processes and increased need for financial accountability, senior marketers are becoming less like strategic thinkers and more like project managers. Marketing resource management, which has doubled in size in the last six years, is helping marketing leaders take back control of their marketing strategy by centralising and automating processes, and giving them real visibility and control of large teams, big budgets and complex compliance requirements.

    Simple is much more than a basic project management application. Instead, Simple Marketing Resource Management gives you visibility and control of all your marketing resources: people, processes, assets, content, briefs, budgets and approvals. With an MRM platform like Simple, you have access to the near–real time and historical data to better manage supplier (including agency) costs, ensure all your marketing briefs match your marketing strategy, and prevent advertising campaigns from leaving the building without meeting all your compliance requirements.