Simple: Intelligent marketing platform

Simple transforms marketing planning and workflows, optimising productivity and providing visibility across all marketing activity to improve ROI and drive growth

One central platform for marketing effectiveness

A single source of truth providing visibility across siloed marketing plans, budgets, activity, teams and outcomes so you can improve marketing ROI.

Simple is the only MRM solution built on Microsoft’s Power Platform and integrates easily with Microsoft and third-party apps in one technology ecosystem.

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Streamlines marketing workflows​

Streamlines workflows across teams and suppliers and boosts productivity and agility, enabling teams to boost capacity without adding resources.

Standardises briefing, review, compliance and approval processes in one central location, providing a real-time view of all your work in progress.

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Consolidates planning intelligence​

Dynamic marketing planning that gets teams out of disconnected spreadsheets and drives marketing activity across teams and tools.

Consolidates results in one place for rapid optimisation and improvement ​and provides real-time team analytics for forecasting and resource allocation.

Campaign Analytics

Improves governance and minimises risk

Provides visibility across the entire brand experience and consolidates asset creation, feedback and approvals on one central platform to minimise risk.

Automated compliance workflows ensure brand governance and audit requirements are always met, boosting accuracy, consistency and engagement.

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Provides confidence to invest in marketing

Provides clarity and confidence around marketing budget and outcomes to direct marketing investment and improve ROI.

Generates cost-savings in the first year and minimises marketing risk to provide an instant return on your MRM investment and drive growth.

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One Platform. One View. All Channels.

Transform the way marketing works with a single source of truth


Unite teams around one marketing vision

Simple unites marketing activity around one vision, delivered efficiently through one ecosystem of teams, tools and data sets.

From planning to efficient workflows, approvals and optimisation, Simple ticks all your brand governance boxes and enables you to create more effective marketing, faster.

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Collaborate and communicate efficiently

Streamline your end-to-end marketing workflows, use assets effectively and get more done.

Develop standard operating procedures that boost productivity, increase agility, lower risk and reduce marketing lead times.

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Know and grow your marketing ROI

Capture results from all your teams, tools and channels in your Intelligent Marketing Resource Management platform.

Leverage the latest technologies to extract insights and observations from all your marketing activity, improving ROI.

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Adapt and scale securely with Microsoft

Simple’s Intelligent Marketing Resource Management platform combines decades of innovation in marketing operations management with the adaptability, security and functionality of the Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft’s Azure Intelligent Cloud and the Common Data Services.

Simple integrates with Dynamics 365, Windows 365, and the Adobe Experience Cloud as well as the hundreds of brands in Microsoft’s Power Apps ecosystem to create the ideal MRM system for your needs.  

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  • Increase Team Performance
  • Reduce Agency Spend
  • Cut Production Costs

Simple Success Stories

  • We can look at why approvals might be taking longer than expected, where the bottlenecks are, and how we can improve the process. logo
  • A lot of time was wasted looking for creative jobs and where they were at, and tracking feedback. logo