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The powerful central hub for your marketing.

Effectiveness + Visibility = Growth

It really comes down to this simple equation. When your marketing team can do more, see more, and collaborate more without creating inefficiencies, your ROI can only improve.

Say goodbye to complex and hello to Simple.

No more drowning in spreadsheets

More than 50% of marketers still manage their work via a sea of spreadsheets. Step into the 21st century, cut the admin and create marketing your customers love.

Say goodbye to complex and hello to Simple.

The innovative hub for modern marketing teams

No more dreary old MRM software. Simple gives you the advanced functionality needed to unleash the modern marketing organisation, in one place.

Say goodbye to dreary old software and hello to Simple.

Simple will deliver the business results you need.

Maximise your marketing budget and people. Accelerate your marketing transformation. Fully leverage your data and execution tools. Deliver the best campaigns and reach your business goals.

Marketing performance unlocked

Increase marketing results without increasing the workload

Get performance insights from Business Unit to campaign level with Simple’s robust reporting tools. Create alignment and accountability with bespoke dashboards. Focus your resources on the work that really moves the needle, and beat your competition.

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Built on Microsoft

Simple slots into your business and speaks the same language as you.

Microsoft’s powerful platform is built for Cloud and AI. Secure and reliable, it’s easy for your IT team to integrate and extensive APIs allow you to connect into your marketing ecosystem.

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Compliance and Workflow

Simple closes the loop so you avoid those uncomfortable messages from the CEO.

Build best in class processes and approvals with Simple’s easy workflow designer. Achieve 100% brand, legal and regulatory compliance with approval reporting and audit history. You can be confident everyone is playing their part.

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Collaboration and Agile

Simple helps your teams work better together and get to market faster.

Consistent workflows and processes, integrating your calendars and Agile kanban boards, make collaboration easy. Keep everyone in the loop with customisable dashboards and reporting for activity, budgets and performance.

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Centralised Asset Library

Simple keeps all your marketing copy and artwork in one place to streamline creativity.

No more file chasing - it’s just a click away. Find it, reuse and adapt it, and track when it’s live and in market. Paired with our workflow capability, Simple can also support your internal agency.

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Say goodbye to complex and hello to Simple.

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