Less complexity and more effective marketing. Simple.

Our latest research shows that two in three marketers have expanded their responsibilities to include managing the customer experience but brand consistency is proving elusive. What can you do about it?


One Platform. One View. All Channels

Finally, marketers have a single source of truth


It’s Marketing Resource Management… reinvented!

Revolutionise your marketing planning with a centralised calendar that finally lets you see and manage all your marketing activity, in one place.

Plan and allocate work, streamline and automate marketing team workflows, easily track work-in-progress and tick every brand governance box, while saving time and eliminating confusion.

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Get more done while minimising risk

Collaborate easily and effectively with all marketing stakeholders and suppliers so you can show more and sell more in a consistent, brand-compliant and scalable way.

Streamline and automate approvals, condensing your go-to-market times and improving agility while creating a compelling customer experience across all your marketing channels.

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Prove marketing team effectiveness and boost return on investment

Know, show and grow your team and agency output with marketing activity data that makes marketing visible to the business and improves effectiveness.

Link campaign results with marketing workflows and build best-practice playbooks that create a culture of continual improvement, ultimately increasing the return on your marketing investment.

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  • Increase Team Performance
  • Reduce Agency Spend
  • Cut Production Costs

Simple Success Stories

  • The simplicity of managing work in Simple is one of the key benefits. The opportunity to know who’s working on each initiative at any one time is great. logo
  • We can look at why approvals might be taking longer than expected, where the bottlenecks are, and how we can improve the process. logo
  • A lot of time was wasted looking for creative jobs and where they were at, and tracking feedback. logo