The Simple Story

From humble beginnings to the reinvention of MRM software

The Company
We're helping brands plan, review and optimise all their marketing activities to deliver exceptional customer experiences across every marketing touchpoint.
The Platform
Our cloud-based platform provides a central workplace and source of truth that empowers marketing teams with one view across all channels.
The Mission
We are focused on reducing complexity and increasing effectiveness in marketing by disrupting and reinventing Marketing Resource Management as we’ve known it.

The Genesis

Cast your mind back to a time when things were, well, more complicated. A time when couriers delivered ad material, marketing software was hard to use and came with a 200-page user manual, and the shift of revenue from traditional to digital advertising channels had just begun.

Salesforce was just a small company, a free video website called YouTube with its 67 staff was acquired by Google for $1.65bn, and an odd website called Facebook where people answered the question, “What are you doing now?” hit 100 million users.

Simple’s founder, James Charlesworth, saw an opportunity to create a cloud-based technology platform that would connect the various teams involved in launching integrated marketing campaigns in an omnichannel world to get their work done across planning, budgeting, briefing, collaboration, approvals, asset management and reporting. 

The Beginning

In 2012, Simple’s marketing operations platform was launched and headquarters were set up in Brisbane, Australia. A raft of blue-chip customers came on board, proving the concept and enabling Simple to leapfrog many of its MRM competitors.

Since then, the marketing world has continued to change rapidly. Digital and social channels have proliferated, along with the point tools designed to help marketers manage them.

Meanwhile, the volume of work that marketing teams must produce and manage has risen dramatically. We’re talking 10x the work, 10x the data, 10x the risk — and 10x the need for Simple’s marketing operations platform.


Simple MRM Software example

The Future

In October 2017 Aden Forrest joined Simple as chief executive to take the company through its next phase of growth. Aden’s experience in establishing and leading high-growth marketing technology companies – including Marketo and Salesforce in Australasia – is invaluable as Simple looks to reinvent Marketing Resource Management around the core pillars of Work Management, Asset Management and Performance Management.

Simple helps marketers manage the increasing complexity of marketing so they can be more effective and generate a bigger return on their marketing investment. We are creating a world in which marketers finally have one single source of truth that provides complete visibility across marketing planning, creation and reporting; a world that gives organisations one holistic view of how marketing creates compelling customer experiences; and a world that knows and values the impact marketing has on their organisation.

The Squad
From Support to Sales and Success - meet the team behind the scenes.
The Leadership
Global experience and the passion and dedication to make it all happen.
The Category
What's MRM 2.0 all about? And how is the team at Simple disrupting it?

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