The Simple Squad

Some dubious talents, the ability to speak five languages and a few obsessions with the '80s - yep, we are all interesting in our own special way. Get to know The Simple Squad...

Aden Forrest

Chief Executive Officer

We all need to have dreams...

I am still a wannabe '80s glam rock drummer

Ashley Liu

Marketing Operations Lead

Stairway to heaven

I climbed the 100-floor Sydney Tower in 15 minutes

Bronwen Edwards

Director of Delivery

Caroline Flaherty

People Operations Lead

We all have them...

I love Mexican Food - it's my weakness

Chris Sheridan

Customer Success Manager

Game changer

I was once offered a basketball scholarship to the University of North Carolina

David Cole

Solutions Consultant

The sky is the limit...

I love skiing, especially high above the clouds

David Overall

Senior Software Engineer

Can't place the name...

I learnt to say “Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch” even though I’m not Welsh.

Emma Sutton

Director of Customer Success

More than just a party trick...

I hold a Guinness World Record for 'The most amount of people playing the spoons'

Graham Iles

Senior Software Engineer

Tuning in...

I built my own electric guitar

James Young

Customer Success Manager

There's always one...

I once googled "interesting things about me" to find something to use for my company bio

Joe Jarrett

Chief Operating Officer

Turn the page...

I'm an avid reader, particularly sci-fi and mythology

Joe Raphael

Managing Director - APAC

Life in the fast lane

I love to ride motorbikes… FAST!

Kirsten Cilliers

Senior Studio Manager

Hello, Hola, Bonjour

I speak five different languages

Lara Sinclair

Head of Content and Communications

Something you don't hear everyday

I have double-jointed thumbs

Lisi Jiang

Senior Accountant

Music to our ears

I play a Chinese instrument called the Pipa

Mike Brothers

Director of Sales EMEA

Bit of a Maverick?

In the '80s I saw Top Gun at the cinema 6 times. And I was in the RAF!

Patrick Lynch

Chief Financial Officer

Not just numbers

I also happen to be an author

Phil White

Chief Marketing Officer

Life before kids

I once ran a marathon in less than 3 hours

Prakhar Rawat

Head of Support

Fancy a challenge?

I’m PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds addict ! In top 1000 player of Asia past 3 seasons.

Stephen Preston

Solutions Consultant


I enjoy watching Cricket but have never actually played it!

Sue Lewry

Senior Product & Technical Consultant

The high road

I managed to overcome my fear of heights by using mind over matter

Wayne Bartlett

Senior Product Specialist

We want to hear more!

I have camped in the Himalayas

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The Simple Values

Day in and day out

Be Curious

Be Curious

Ignorance actually killed the cat - curiosity was framed, so keep asking and learning.

Get Stuff Done

Get Stuff Done

There’s a difference between those who have the ideas and those who make the ideas happen.

Be Excellent

Be Excellent

We’re not reinventing the wheel - we’re just doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way.

Enable Reality

Enable Reality

From our product to the partnerships we create - we don’t back away from a challenge. We bring vision to life.

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