The Simple Squad

A celebrity hairdresser, the ability to speak five languages and a few obsessions with the '80s - yep, we are all interesting in our own special way. Get to know The Simple Squad...

Aden Forrest

Chief Executive Officer

We all need to have dreams...

I am still a wannabe '80s glam rock drummer

Ben Nicol

Account Director

Make it happen...

My goal is to sail around the world on my yacht

Bob Mohan

Chief Financial Officer

Can't you tell?

I'm still a fan of '80s punk, hardcore and death metal

Caroline Flaherty

People, Performance and Culture Lead

We all have them...

I love Mexican Food - it's my weakness

Emma Sutton

Senior Customer Success Manager

More than just a party trick...

I hold a Guinness World Record for 'The most amount of people playing the spoons'

James Sutachan

Head of Pre-Sales

Feels like yesterday...

I went to high school in Hong Kong and Malaysia

James Young

Customer Success Manager

There's always one...

I once googled "interesting things about me" to find something to use for my company bio

Jenna Crotty

Enterprise Business Representative

You can join us at Trivia!

I am Royal Family 'Super Fan'

Jimmy Wynen

User Engagement and Support Team Lead

Demonstration please...

I once won an air guitar competition in Vietnam...

Josh Kelly

Systems Administrator

Now that's brave!

I've been diving with sharks... without a cage

Kiran Jassi

Chief Delivery Officer


I have 67 cousins and 28 uncles and aunties

Kirsten Cilliers

Senior Studio Manager

Hello, Hola, Bonjour

I speak five different languages

Lara Sinclair

Head of Content and Communications

Something you don't hear everyday

I have double-jointed thumbs

Mark Horton

Solutions Consultant

Trivia anyone?

Pick a tennis racquet and I'll tell you ANYTHING about it

Matt Clements

Sales Manager


I was the second youngest person to receive the rank of Corporal in the South African army

Melanie Burrows

Management Accountant

It's a secret...

I love numbers

Michael McKerlie

Chief Product Officer

Believe it...

I have a penchant for Star Wars and donuts

Natalie Nesbit

Head of Commercial

Third time's a charm!

I'm a triplet

Nick Brauer

Senior Customer Success Manager

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

I was the national Shakespeare soliloquy finalist in high school

Nick Hale

Account Director

Did you meet Noni?

When I was 2 years old, I was on the children's show Play School

Renee Shipman

Assistant Accountant


My favourite dessert is Kimo's Hula Pie at Duke's Waikiki

Saayli Shitole

Functional Consultant

We've been warned!

I'm a closet nerd and have a mean left hook

Sara Gonzalez

Chief Marketing Officer


I come from a family of gold prospectors

Sophie Stefanetti

Enterprise Account Director

Any recommendations?

I'm a podcast junkie - I love listening to any topics

Stephen Quinn

Customer Success Manager

We want all the goss!

Back in the UK I was a celebrity hairdresser

Todd Hagen

Enterprise Sales Manager

Quack, Quack, Quack

I play Ice Hockey for the Sydney Bears

Suresh Sood

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Knew you looked familiar!

I'm an accomplished book reviewer, with more than 150 reviews on Amazon

Ursula Zajaczkowski

Head of Product

Now that's cool!

I was part of the Australian Dragon Boat team that competed in China

Wayne Bartlett

Senior Product Specialist

We want to hear more!

I have camped in the Himalayas

Winston Bayne

Chief Sales Officer

Did you know?

I was the lead guitarist for a punk rock band in high school

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Be Curious

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Get Stuff Done

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Be Excellent

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Enable Reality

From our product to the partnerships we create - we don’t back away from a challenge. We bring vision to life.

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