One Platform. One View. All Channels

Plan, review and optimise across all customer touchpoints

Simple offers Chief Marketing Officers the ability to look at all marketing activity, link it to results and determine how valuable it is to the brand.
  • Aden Forrest

    CEO, Simple


Centralised Marketing Planning

Complete marketing visibility across all activities and all channels, in one place

Plan, track and manage all your marketing activities in one central location with Simple’s Marketing Calendar. Ensure all your work is aligned to your corporate objectives, manage your marketing resources more effectively and provide a unified view for all marketing stakeholders.

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All your marketing campaigns in one place

Your single source of truth for marketing management, collaboration and approvals.

Finally, Project Templates in Simple provide one central platform to do all your marketing work, removing confusion and accelerating the go-to-market process. Standardise briefing, improve efficiency with templated workflows and automate approvals to boost marketing team productivity.

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Faster, more agile marketing

Speed, flexibility and execution excellence in one elegant marketing workflow tool.

Manage fast-turnaround marketing work with Jobs, Simple’s agile marketing platform. Create, assign and approve work rapidly, manage your resources with ease, and give your entire organisation a real-time view of all your marketing work in progress.

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The right asset when you need it

Your approved brand assets in one place to use, reuse and repurpose with ease.

Store all your assets at your fingertips in Simple’s Library so you can access, create and repurpose brand-compliant content quickly and efficiently. Control your brand guidelines and monitor the customer experience across channels.

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Measure and improve performance

Create a culture of continuous improvement backed by data to boost team performance.

Marketing project and performance data in Simple provides a real-time view of all your marketing operations activity so you can optimise processes and results. Unlock insights across teams and campaigns, and improve the return on your marketing investment.

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image Simple helps us plan our annual marketing campaigns, identify possible clashes and support the marketing team’s workflow. See Case Study
image We can also re-use existing assets, and share our assets better among teams so you’re not spending time trying to get a working file. See Case Study