Built with Microsoft, Backed by Microsoft

Simple is among the first independent software vendors to build its Marketing Resource Management platform atop the Microsoft Business Applications Platform, powered by Microsoft’s Azure Intelligent Cloud. Simple’s Intelligent Marketing Platform, which combines the functionality of PowerApps, Dynamics 365 for Marketing and Office 365, is redefining Marketing Resource Management for the Age of Intelligence.

“Simple’s Intelligent Marketing Platform injects artificial intelligence into upstream marketing planning, where there is none today — giving CMOs new insight into how they can maximise the return on marketing investment for the entire organisation.”

– Aden Forrest, CEO – Simple

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No customer infrastructure management required

Simple’s Intelligent Marketing Platform offers a Software-as-a-Service-based solution built atop Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online. This is a cloud-based, cloud-hosted, and cloud-managed solution with an http-enabled interface.

This means Simple is accessible via any browser on any device, with zero infrastructure or management required by the customer.

All your data and intellectual property is secure

Simple inherits the highly secured network environment of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. All data goes through highly encrypted algorithms to protect privacy and intellectual property. This means all data is secure both in transit and at rest.

Peace of mind with 99.9% up-time

Simple’s Intelligent Marketing Platform offers 99.9% up-time via a highly scalable solution that is fully managed by Microsoft Online Services.





Microsoft's Azure Cloud

The Ecosystem

By design, Simple can seamlessly integrate with all popular Office applications either on-premise or online. Simple’s Intelligent Marketing Platform is also available as an AppSource app which can be accessed via the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace.

The partnership between Simple and Microsoft also enables the platform to adopt an industry standard Web API V.4. This means Simple’s Intelligent Marketing Platform offers native integration with third-party products that share the same standard.

Simple is also by design an extensible solution due to the utilisation of Microsoft PowerApps technology. This means components of the solution can be completely customised by end-users with zero code.

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