Customer success ensuring you achieve your business goals


Our focus is working with you and your team to deliver solutions to your problems. We spend time understanding your ambitions, current ways of working and pain points to jointly develop a solution that will achieve your objectives. And to ensure the solution sticks, we create a customised change management and training approach so all your team are aligned.

To ensure your ongoing success and to grow your capabilities leveraging our platform, we will support you with a dedicated customer success manager and a range of premium customer support packages.

Understanding your needs

Discovery process driven by collaboration

Every marketing team is different. So we’ve made our platform powerfully flexible so that it works for you.

A crucial part of how we deliver value and ensure your users adopt the new ways of working is through our Discovery process, where we work with you to understand your current state, your challenges and to your business goals.

We combine your specific requirements with our knowledge of best practice to create a new and better way of working.

Through this collaborative process we develop a shared understanding of how the solution will solve your challenges, and help you achieve your aspirations.

Making the new ways of working stick

Change management and user adoption

We’re all familiar with the importance of change management in successful transformation.

Our core belief and experience is that a simple, intuitive solution that makes life easier for users will create the pull for user adoption.

Coupling that simplicity with our customisations and robust change, training and communications approach ensures your team will be up and running in no time.

Supporting your ongoing success

For most of our clients, adopting Simple is the first (big) step up in a Marketing or Comms maturity path, where they achieve cost savings, 100% compliance, messaging consistency and team efficiencies.

Over time, we support you as your sophistication and data increases to get more out of Simple. This could include optimising operational bottlenecks, creating agency and supplier cost savings or maximising campaign performance.

Our customer success team will help you through that journey, backed up by our expert support team, to ensure your continued success.

“We take the time to fully understand our customers’ needs and challenges, so they can experience value early on and benefit from a solution that’s tailored to their business.”

Bronwen Edwards, Director of Delivery, Simple

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