Seamless collaborationfully integrated with Microsoft Teams

Effortless collaboration is key to the success of marketing and communications teams. Simple is a powerful central hub for marketing and communications, built on Microsoft — enabling you to create the ultimate collaborative workspace, in Teams.





Transform team collaboration remotely

Take collaboration to a new level by managing your marketing and communications campaigns inside Teams: build campaigns, delegate responsibilities and manage progress and results.

Say goodbye to operational complexity

Create process flows inside our Simple Teams Integration and enable your teams to take on challenging objectives, with confidence. Ensure your messaging is consistent and compliant throughout — from planning to performance review.

Build governance in

Achieve governance and stakeholder alignment with embedded approval processes. Simple ensures everyone is on the same page: building trust, accelerating workflow and improving results.

Enhance visibility and effectiveness

Gain valuable insights into performance and costs using Simple’s dashboards, built on Power BI. Enabling you to optimise allocation of resources, increase productivity, and achieve objectives.