Designed for speed

In the retail world, speed to market is everything. Simple VendorPath makes this possible by overcoming inefficiencies, navigating bottlenecks and streamlining processes.

Scale your business

Increase online product range without having to increase your resources and reduce time spent on sourcing, processing and uploading products.

Better compliance

Achieve more transparency and control over your approvals and improve the visibility tracking and reporting of image statuses.


Eliminate human bottlenecks and avoid manual follow ups so you can save time and increase reliability.

Key features to highlight

Ensure a connected and seamless supply chain with a great vendor experience

The Vendor simply receives emails and clicks on a link to be directed to Simple VendorPath to upload images. Simple VendorPath then automatically links images to the relevant product. It also includes a batch upload function for vendors to upload multiple images to multiple products in a single upload. What’s more, we’ve made our software easy to use, with no training required, so there are no barriers to entry.

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Ensure absolute compliance with our comprehensive approval processes

Simple VendorPath is integrated with an online approval processes that allows stakeholders to quickly click and process batches of images. We have even built-in functionality that quickly identifies if images haven’t met the requirements, we generate a re-supply request and send it back to the vendor.

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Take the hassle out of your supply chain with automated delivery

Once approved and the product images are ready to be used in print or digital promotion, Simple VendorPath can automate the delivery to your online CMS or Product Library. Marketing can also batch download approved material from the vendor. In essence, we do the hard work for you, so you don’t have to.

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vendorpath benefits for both retailers & vendors

David Jones has made great efficiency gains by introducing VendorPath to their workflow.

David Jones was able to increase their number of products online by 1200% — up from 1,000 products per month to 12,000 per month.

The average time taken to source, process and load new products has dropped, getting products online quicker, which benefits both the vendor and retailer.


integrate with leading e-commerce platforms

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