Simple Success StoryChildren’s Hospital Foundation

Not-for-profit organisation Children’s Hospital Foundation is the official charity for the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital and the Centre for Children’s Health Research. CHF’s marketing team consequently liaises with a large number of internal and external stakeholders on relevant marketing activities for both short- and long-term projects. The marketing team supports stakeholder contributions across all facets of creative marketing from project initiation and brainstorming to briefing, managing print and digital artwork production, and delivery.

CHF Production Manager Philippa Bailey determined the charitable foundation needed to implement a marketing operations platform to get the best use out of its marketing resources and help improve internal organisation collaboration. Here’s her story…

The Why

“We’re a small organisation with a substantial
workload. Every team’s unique.”

CHF implemented Simple’s marketing operations platform to help improve planning and to allocate resources more efficiently.

The goal was to also manage marketing requests, manage and improve the briefing process, streamline marketing production workflows and approvals, store approved creative assets, reduce go-to-market times and centralise all projects and communication in one platform.

The internal marketing department not only deals with an unusually large number of external partners, but also with internal teams including Corporate Partnerships, Research and Grants, Data Analytics, Direct Marketing, Patient and Corporate Development

The marketing team trialled some initial workflows with Simple, but then reassessed these to streamline the briefing process further.

The How

“As a result of the changes implemented, clients agree
the system makes it easier to communicate marketing campaigns.”

Philippa says the team changed the way Briefs were set up to better suit CHF’s specific process.

“As an organisation, we trialled our original brief forms while we were implementing Simple into the business to gain feedback,” she says.

“The feedback we received helped us work with Simple to streamline the briefing process further, improving the functionality and user experience.”

Those changes included:

  • Reducing the brief form ‘save’ time to 2-3 seconds, from a minute
  • Streamlining the look and feel and condensing questions
  • Allowing all text boxes to expand automatically
  • Updating multiple items in the dropdown menu
  • Managing EDM and Web page requests
  • Managing multiple social media posts and ad campaigns

The Benefits

“Being able to see a project overview, the status of a project, and what’s
overdue has saved me about 5 hours a week on average.”

Since CHF implemented Simple, its marketing process has improved in several key areas, generating time and efficiency gains from planning and project management, through briefing, collaboration and approvals:

Planning: CHF can now plan annual marketing campaigns, identify possible clashes and view the previous year’s work. Clients can copy information from previous briefs, saving time on year-on-year projects.

Resource Allocation: By receiving all project requests, Philippa can condense the amount of information being sent out to the market which results in less artwork being produced.

Induction: New team members can access previous campaign assets saved in Simple’s Library.

Work Management: Previously, Philippa managed a manual WIP sheet in Excel. “It could take up to 1-2 hours per day. Being able to see the status of a project, and what’s overdue has saved me about 5 hours a week on average.”

Briefing: The ability to reject briefs that aren’t complete and explain why within the one platform is beneficial. Clients have a much better understanding of the information they need to provide.

Team Collaboration: Clients are using the Comments and Feedback buttons to mark up their changes in Simple which has resulted in a reduction of emails.

Approvals: CHF can now look at why approvals might be taking longer than expected, where the bottlenecks are, and how they can improve the process.

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