Overcome complexity

As the world of retail marketing gets more complicated by the day, we help you get back on top and face new challenges with confidence and agility.

Ensure accuracy

Automate processes and remove the potential for human error in managing production – improving accuracy, efficiency and driving down costs.

Learn from the best

Our specialised team has close working relationships with large number of retailers giving us unique insight into the technology and production requirements in this space.

Educate your team

Ensure all your team have the information they need to get your next promotion started, at their fingertips, from the beginning so they can stay aligned, and stay effective.

Key features to highlight

A single place to collect, manage, and enrich the marketing information for your products.

RetailPath PIM is product information management solution that stores and manages any information pertaining to a product, including the core product data, attributes, descriptions specifications and more. Integrated with a built in DAM, enabling all product images, logos, videos to also be managed and stored.

RetailPath helps teams organize product information to provide a better experience for marketers, merchants, and customers. It makes it faster and easier to create and deliver compelling product experiences.

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Streamline your production processes and get everyone aligned with minimal effort

RetailPath’s Promotion Management is a workspace for your Merchandise, marketing and design teams to manage all of your print and digital retail marking activities from initial brief through to final approval.

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Empower better data-driven marketing via our reporting functionality

RetailPath gives you access to a range of reports to help manage the retail production process. Communicating large volumes of feedback across numerous stakeholders has never been easier. To give you just a taste….Summary reports can provide an enriched view of your promotion content, while change reports contributes to the studio’s brief and reduces the need for revision and production.

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Ensure easy access to your company’s most important assets and data with our Product Library

Searching for brand logos and product images on shared directories and servers or from previous promotions is a thing of the past. Simple RetailPath has a built-in product library enriched with product data, including headings, description and images, giving each product a marketing profile, ready to use and download at any time, saving you time and money.

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