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Simple: The Next Stage (And How We Got Here)

  • by Sara Gonzalez
  • 11 months ago

This week Simple welcomed aboard a new chief executive officer, Aden Forrest, to lead the company and our marketing operations platform into the next phase of growth.

Aden was formerly managing director of Marketo in Australasia, and has been first-on-ground for a number of marketing software companies, including Siebel, Salesforce NZ and E.phipany in Europe, putting the team, tools and processes in place that built his operations into big businesses.

That’s the job at hand for Simple, a small company — a startup — with ambitions to be a big one.

In the lifecycle of a startup, there are typically five stages. Simple, with the help and patience of many of our customers, has been been through the first — Development — and the second — Establishment — and we’re currently in stage 3: Expansion. We’re aggressively targeting stage 4 — Maturity, and then it’s Business as Usual.

We know Aden has the skills and experience to help Simple become all that it needs to be, building out the repeatable, predictable processes we are focused on to achieve scale. And we just closed a new funding round that will enable us to bring on the resources and the team we need to achieve our goals.

But as Simple embarks on this next phase of our development, focusing on operational excellence and customer satisfaction, we’d like to take a minute to look back.

Simple’s co-founders, James Charlesworth and Russell Lister — the ‘parents’ of Simple, if you like — are stepping back from an operational role with the company as our focus changes from ideation to execution.

James and Russell have been the Dynamic Duo that got Simple to this point, taking it from its origins as a brand automation tool, providing the initial vision, funding and expertise to build a marketing operations platform robust enough to serve the needs of big, blue-chip customers such as Commonwealth Bank and Westpac.

More on James and Russ later: they remain shareholders of Simple as we move forward.

Which brings us to our chairman, Andy Lark. Andy has been there almost from the beginning, when Simple was just a sparkle in our co-founders’ eyes. As the CMO at CommBank, it was Andy who first saw the need for a marketing operations platform to provide visibility into all the marketing work being planned across myriad channels, and an approvals framework to manage risk, maintain brand consistency, maximise effectiveness and minimise risk.

When his team recommended Simple, then a tiny Brisbane-based marketing technology startup, and Andy had the confidence to back their decision, it was a pivotal moment for the company.

Commbank helped provide Simple with the customer insights we craved to build out the first version of our marketing operations software, which in turn enabled us to grow quickly, winning customers including Tabcorp, BankWest, BT and St George, among others.

Since then, Simple has been out there disrupting the marketing resource management category and helping to redefine MRM 2.0. And who better to introduce Simple to chief marketing officers than one of their own?.

In July, after 3 years of growth, Andy decided he would step down as chairman of Simple when the time was right.

We thank Andy for his leadership and energy during his time at Simple as both chairman and as a member of the executive team. There’s no doubt Simple is a stronger company, well positioned for future opportunities, with a globally competitive product, and committed to continued innovation and investment.

But we won’t be losing Andy’s wise counsel altogether: he remains an important shareholder in Simple and we welcome his continued support as strategic advisor supporting Simple’s international expansion.

As you can see, a lot is happening at Simple. Our customers can expect much more in the way of product enhancements, integrations, partnerships and other milestones in the months to come. We look forward to sharing the next phase of our journey with you.

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