The Power of Simple

Marketing is hard. Great marketing is even harder.

It takes planning, creativity and freedom from distractions. Therefore: the simpler your marketing processes, the better your marketing.

Simple makes your marketing processes as simple as possible, giving marketing leaders and their teams the tools they need to uncomplicate their lives, and do more effective marketing.

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Manage your budgets

See where every cent of your marketing or comms budget is being spent, and if it’s aligned to what works.

Manage your approvals

Never lose sleep because the people you need to sign off your content got missed. A critical building block in ensuring marketing compliance.

Manage your people

Know exactly who’s doing what and how much capacity they have to do more. You can also bring your agency work in house with Simple traffic management.

Manage your reporting

Assess the effectiveness of your marketing and comms against your spend in near-real time, and share your insights with senior management.

Manage your tech

Simple integrates across the board with all your marketing and comms applications, at the heart of your technology stack.

Manage your channels

Avoid overlooking a critical part of your marketing and communications mix, and make sure your customers are completely engaged at every opportunity.

“Without Simple, I think it would be a nightmare”

Marketing compliance manager, financial services.

The pain of complex

Managing your multi-million dollar marketing budget using fourteen spreadsheets, three whiteboards and a Post-It® note that fell off your monitor 6 weeks ago.

The Power of Simple

Every single penny or cent, visible and accounted for.

The pain of complex

That panicked search through your sent items folder in the desperate hope of finding those three missing JPGs by 4:30 pm.

The Power of Simple

All your digital assets, tagged, searchable and in one place.

The only product of its type to leverage the full Power of Microsoft technology

Innovation at your fingertips

Simple employs the most advanced technology and integrates most easily with the rest of your Microsoft estate.

Collaborate on marketing in Microsoft Teams

Create the ultimate collaborative workspace for your marketing and communications employees, by integrating Simple into Microsoft Teams. Empower your marketers faster with a platform that provides instant familiarity.

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Our way of working

Our focus is working with you and your team to deliver solutions to your problems. We spend time understanding your ambitions, current ways of working and pain points to jointly develop a solution that will achieve your objectives. And to ensure the solution sticks, we create a customised change management and training approach so your team are aligned.

Understanding your needs

Our discovery process driven by collaboration, because every marketing team is different. So, we’ve built a platform that’s flexible, powerful, and works for you.

Making new ways of working stick

We’re all familiar with the importance of change management to maximise the success of a digital transformation. Simple has a tried and tested approach to customer onboarding; we’ve got you covered.

Supporting your ongoing success

Over time, we support you as your sophistication and data increases to get more out of Simple. Including optimising operational bottlenecks, creating agency and supplier cost savings or maximising campaign performance.