The New Simple

We are passionate about making marketing work better. So today, we are thrilled to announce the merge of Automaton and Simple. Both companies are leaders in marketing operations and marketing workflow technology, so it made perfect sense to come together as the new Simple. But it is not just the technology at the heart of this merger – it’s the combination of technology with people, processes and insights.

“We’re thrilled to be part of Simple. Combining Simple’s Microsoft Tech Stack with our extensive domain knowledge will allow the new Simple to be the clear leader in SaaS Marketing Operations Management. Together we’re positioned to help more customers end the cost and complexity of legacy approaches to making marketing work”
Darin Lloyd, Founder Automaton + Admation.

Both Automaton and Simple teams have been busy working together behind the scenes to integrate our products, teams and processes. We deliver a diverse portfolio of products that support over 80 clients globally, across most sectors. Brands including Commonwealth Bank, The Good Guys, Bendigo Bank, Mondelez, Mitre 10, Woolworths, Tourism Australia, BUPA and so many more will benefits from our new partnership. Together we will support our clients to work better, with better processes, better compliance – to deliver better marketing outcomes.

For those interested in the financial stuff, this was a largely stock-based transaction. All Automaton employees have have joined Simple. And the companies, roughly of equal size, are on an annual recurring revenue trajectory of more than $10m in the coming year. Our goal is to double the size of Simple in the next 12 months, and current customer demand leads us to believe that is possible.

Enabling marketing to work better, smarter, more efficiently

So what does this mean for our customers – and all the prospective customers we are talking to globally?

Together we’re creating the world’s first Marketing Operations Cloud that eliminates the limits to collaborating, communicating and executing marketing at scale. As one company operating worldwide, the combination of Simple and Automaton delivers:

The complete Marketing Operations suite – from upgraded marketing resource management to marketing workflows, asset management, planning and the little things that matter – rich calendars, powerful reporting, local area marketing, and collaboration.
Accelerated technology roadmap – we’ll be working hard to move all Automaton products onto the Simple platform. — We will accelerate innovation and simplify integrating workflows and assets across multiple products. And we’ll deepen our integration with Microsoft offerings.
Even stronger capital foundation – we restructured the financial foundations of the business, attracting new capital from high profile investors.
Deeper collaboration – we will be driving deeper and integrated collaboration offerings across all products. So, you’ll be able to do most of your work from popular collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams while still harnessing the power of Simple.
Richer, connected insights – the ability to integrate all data from all products in the Simple Marketing Operations Cloud (built on Microsoft Azure) and make that visible in Simple and through integrations with tools like Microsoft Power BI.
Broader Global reach, deeper support – we’re expanding globally (especially in the UK and USA) and deepening our customer support and success capabilities.

“We are excited to partner with Simple as they build and innovate on top of the Microsoft Applications Platform. Their marketing resource management expertise, combined with Microsoft Technology, will help our customers reimagine their marketing processes, improve marketing effectiveness and deliver compelling value” – James Phillips, President, Microsoft Business Applications.

We’ve been listening.
We talk with hundreds of marketers around the world every month. The integration of Simple and Automaton reflects the big pain points we’ve been hearing. Here are a few:

Do More, Drive More to the Screen.
More than 50% of marketing budgets are focused on making. And the complexity, non-compliance, lack of visibility holding marketing back from driving efficiency on the rest. So, imagine just getting 10% back from each side of the marketing equation. That’s 20% more of your budget making it to screens, driving innovation.

Reduce Cost & Complexity
SaaS applications promised a great deal to marketing. Most marketers just never expected to have to buy so many of them. Simple will integrate everything a marketer need to do marketing – in one place.

MRM, DAMs, project management software, spreadsheets and more have increased the cost and complexity of marketing – and the risk. Too many marketers spend time and budget on managing across multiple systems or working to create visibility. The result – they aren’t getting to do their best work and are lost in a haze of spreadsheets, tools, emails and paper. And worse still – they don’t realise the efficiency gains promised.

Work Where You Work, how you work
Demand for marketing that supports Agile has never been greater. However, it turns out that for most marketers, Agile hasn’t made marketing more agile. Because Simple is purpose-built for marketing, you can realise the promise of Agile and do the work where you do most of your work. Places like Microsoft Teams.

One Window Into Marketing
The proliferation of marketing tools has reduced visibility and control – making fulfilling compliance and legal obligations even harder. With Simple, you’ll get 100% visibility and control. With WFA now the primary work mode, this also ensures effective workload and management and employee wellbeing.

We saw a better way to address these pain points. A way that would see significant efficiency gains – and cost and friction removed – from the more than 50% of marketing budgets going to making marketing work.

What’s Next
Simple and Automaton come together in the Simple Marketing Operations Cloud – a better way for marketers to do their best work with internal teams, agencies, suppliers, and media.

It’s time to operationalise marketing at scale. Here you’ll be able to create, connect & collaborate, comply and control with certainty.

Keep an eye out over the coming quarter, as we launch a range of new features in the Simple Asset Manager, enrich existing products’ functionality, and continue to create visibility into the best marketers’ practices making marketing work.

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