Review Your Assets

How many different tools do you use to get your marketing work done? Get your work out of inboxes and spreadsheets, and into collaboration software designed for marketers, by marketers. Review and approve all your marketing assets in Simple, consolidate all feedback and brand governance requirements, and end the collaboration chaos.

screenshot of simple marketing tool, manage all brand assets in one place

All your marketing assets at your fingertips

Easily manage and monitor all the brand assets you have in-market

  • Simple’s Library stores all creative assets for easy retrieval, reuse and review.
  • Quickly access and share assets and improve your speed to market and productivity.
  • Ensure your marketing teams can deliver consistency across every element of the customer experience.
  • View all your assets in-market at a glance.

Automate approvals and cut campaign lead times

Meet deadlines while ensuring all your work is brand-safe

  • Create, streamline and automate your approval workflows in Simple.
  • Streamline your go-to-market process without compromising on quality.
  • Consolidate your legal, compliance and brand governance in one central location.
  • Reduce unnecessary administration and free up time for the real work of marketing.

automate approvals and reduce lead times for campaigns

Simple enables your team to manage marketing work easier

An agile approach to managing marketing

Enable teams to manage marketing work with ease and flexibility

  • Support agility in your marketing process with Simple’s Kanban-style view of work in progress.
  • Easily prioritise marketing requests and ensure your team is always working on the right projects.
  • Easily delegate, track and manage all your marketing work at a glance.
  • Identify and remove bottlenecks and ensure your team always knows what’s required next.
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