Plan Your Work

Your customers have more choices than ever. Your competitors are only a click away, and they’re moving quickly. That means your brand must be more agile than ever before. The days of planning all your marketing activity months in advance, or going through a lengthy planning process for every piece of work, are over. So what can you do about it?

Revolutionise planning with a Marketing Calendar

Make marketing visibility a reality by planning, tracking and managing all your marketing activities across all channels in one centralised Marketing Calendar.

Eliminate spreadsheets and effectively manage your marketing resources, ensure alignment to your key objectives and provide one unified view for all marketing stakeholders.

The tools to tame complexity

Big-bang marketing campaigns have many moving parts. Projects and Tasks in Simple allow marketing teams to plan, review and approve complex campaigns from one central location with complete peace of mind.

Customised templates streamline the briefing process, and marketing teams can review, amend and approve all marketing activity in one place, resulting in consistent, compliant and creative campaigns.

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    9 Ways to Modernise Your Marketing Plan

    With new digital channels emerging every six months, are traditional planning processes keeping pace with modern marketing requirements?

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    The brief marketers write for their agencies has been called one of the most creative things a marketer can do. But why do so many marketers get the brief wrong?

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    Campaign Workflow Template

    Create tailored marketing workflows, add specific tasks, approvers and observers - download our customisable template and start streamlining your marketing workflows today!

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    Hack Agile Marketing in 8 Simple Steps

    Learn the 4 main agile frameworks, why you should start small with a pilot, and other tips and tricks for a successful agile marketing implementation.


For small Jobs – or all Jobs

Fast-moving brands or agile marketing teams can get small or repetitive tasks to market quickly with Jobs in Simple.

Purpose-built for marketers, Jobs enables teams to shorten the marketing campaign planning process while providing complete visibility – so the right people can request, prioritise, allocate, review and approve work, right away.

Make briefing a breeze

Customised briefing templates in Simple enable marketing to ensure all work is aligned to strategic objectives from the outset, streamlining your marketing process.

Help stakeholders brief marketing better with all the information and insights required for every channel to market. Brief your agencies quickly and thoroughly, so the work you receive is always the work you need.