Optimise Your Performance

Marketing today is a performance game and a team sport – but if you don’t have a scoreboard, it’s hard to know
if you’re winning or losing. Simple provides marketing activity data and insights to help measure
and improve marketing team performance every step of the way.

Know your campaign lead times, identify your top performers, and pinpoint your best opportunities for improvement.

Marketing activity data

The volume of marketing work is skyrocketing with every new channel to market. Simple allows marketing teams to track the number of Projects created, and the time taken to complete them, for better management of marketing resources.

Our platform tracks who provided, amended and approved marketing assets, documenting your process and creating a complete audit trail to keep your brand on the right side of the corporate regulators.



Approval reporting

Do you know how long it should take legal to approve a marketing campaign, compared with how long it actually takes? Identify and unblock the bottlenecks in your marketing process and speed up your go-to-market times.

Why are deadlines missed? What impact does this have? Know and meet your agency approval turnaround requirements and stay on top of creative agency costs.


Performance metrics

How long does it take your marketing team to pull together complex projects and simple tasks? Measure your lead times so you can better manage your resources and get more done!

Simple enables marketing leaders to identify their most effective teams and personnel, as well as where teams and individuals can improve to optimise the marketing process.

Marketing success metrics

Tired of requesting reports from the Data team that take days or weeks to eventuate? Simple offers bespoke dashboards that integrate real-time, channel-based campaign results with your marketing activity all in one central location.

Efficiently test and learn, and then optimise your campaigns. View all your marketing expenditure and activity, link it to results and know how valuable it is to the brand.