Optimise Your Performance

Marketing today is a performance game and a team sport – but if you don’t have a scoreboard, it’s hard to know
if you’re winning or losing. Simple provides marketing activity data and insights to help measure
and improve marketing team performance to boost the return on your entire marketing investment.

Know your campaign lead times, identify your top performers, and pinpoint your best opportunities for improvement.

Know the real return on your marketing activity

Integrate marketing team and channel data to track your ROI

  • Plan, create, review and measure all your marketing activity in one place.
  • Know what it really costs to generate the results you’re achieving by channel.
  • Capitalise on your successes and address problems as they arise with near-live data.
  • Optimise the return on your marketing resources and investment.

Integrated marketing analytics always on hand

Easily integrate channel data for new insights into marketing activity

  • Leverage the capability of Microsoft’s PowerBI for analytics, reporting and dashboards.
  • Extract new observations and insights from all your marketing activity, so you can improve campaign performance.
  • Enhance decision-making and improve agility within your business.
  • Improve the value of marketing to your entire organisation.

Make all your marketing channels work harder

Know what great performance looks like across all channels – then optimise it

  • Connect with all your execution tools using Microsoft integrations.
  • Collect and visualise your channel data in one place for new insight into your marketing performance.
  • Retain results and learnings in your planning tool and create best-practice playbooks.
  • Manage budgets and planning for future activities for improved ROI.