Direct globally,

perfect locally

Nothing beats local knowledge for
real customer engagement

Nothing beats local knowledge for real customer engagement

How do you stay in control of a national or global brand, while harnessing the deep customer insights of regional marketing teams?

Or how do you keep track of what’s happening with a wide variety of sub-brands under a single group identity. How do you keep everyone compliant, without limiting creativity?

The answer is Simple’s Local Area Marketing capability.

Seven key features of Simple Local Area Marketing

Easily manage access rights

It takes just a few minutes to set-up a new user, and authorise them to access what they need, while keeping track of who can do what.

Create easily modified templates

Using any design program that can save your files in epub format to create templates with fields that can be modified by local LAM users.

Assign appropriate

Make sure only the right users can create or modify templates, helping ensure your Local Area Marketing is on-brand and of consistent quality.

Control what can & can’t be changed

Determine which text fields can be modified and which can’t, along with what range of images and icons can be used for each template you create

Access needed assets quickly

Simple Local Area Marketing is the perfect complement to Simple Digital Asset Management, making it fast and easy to find images or other DAM content.

Create digital or print content

Simple LAM lets you create files in a variety of formats, ready for rapid digital deployment or higher resolution print applications.

Keep everything secure

All data and assets are protected and encrypted using transport layer security (TLS), while access is managed by secure keys and predefined IPs, further enhancing security.

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