For your agencies

How much time and money could you save if you didn’t have to send work endlessly back and forth for minor changes? Simple lets you make those changes more cost-effectively, in-house.

For your local marketing teams

Simple brand automations lets local area marketing teams create targeted content using their local knowledge together with the strength of your nationally or globally recognised brand.

For your stores and branches

Now your bricks-and-mortar teams can create professional promotional and sales content, and be faster to market, without using up valuable marketing or external agency resources.

For the strength of your brand

With Simple Brand Automation, the strength of your brand will never be diluted by the wrong typeface, off-brand imagery or your whole team struggling with complex design programs. You’re in safe hands.

Slide Start with easily modified templates Your designers (or external agencies) start by creating templates with fields that can be easily modified by your Simple brand automation users. Most of the most popular design applications are supported, including CAD and the Adobe Creative Suite. Slide Control what can and can’t be changed You choose which text fields can be modified and which can’t, along with the range of images and icons available for each template you create. Simple brand automation means consistent quality. Slide Assign user roles and permissions In just a few minutes you can set up new users with the permissions they need. Make sure only the right users can create or modify templates, so your marketing content is on-brand and looks the business. Slide Create final artwork for digital or print Simple brand automation lets you export your final files to a wide variety of formats, ready for rapid digital deployment or higher resolution print applications. Slide Access needed assets quickly Simple Brand Automation is a straightforward add-on to Simple Digital Asset Management, making it fast and easy to find your templates and the artwork they’ve been used to create. Slide Keep everything secure All your data and assets are protected and encrypted using transport layer security (TLS), while access is managed by secure keys and predefined IPs, further enhancing security. And to cap it all off, your hosting is in the globally recognised safe hands of Microsoft Azure.

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Four ways to make brand automation your own

Cut out endless rounds of agency changes

How much time and cost could you save if you didn’t have to send small jobs back and forth to get little changes made to headlines, copy and images? With Simple brand automation, you can have your agency create the templates while you make the small changes that get your advertising content where it needs to be – without losing hundreds of dollars in billable hours every time you change a word.

Do local area marketing right

You can’t be everywhere at once – so Simple provides a single source of brand-approved collateral for local area marketing. Easy-to-use templates give local branches, regional offices and franchisees the freedom to tailor their messaging to the people in their community, without losing the strength of your national or global brand – and the unique elements of its look and feel.

Help your sales team to collateral faster

Why wait days (or even weeks) to seize a new lead when your sales team can use the templates created by Simple brand automation. Now prospects can be quickly supplied with the information they need to make a purchase decision – helping push sales faster along the funnel, especially for high value purchases like automotive, real estate and many B2B products.

Do personalisation at pace

By integrating with the personalisation and automation tools in your martech stack, you can accelerate the way you do eDMs, display banners and other campaign elements that require you to tailor to specific marketing personas – whether by demographic profile, geographical location or any other criteria you need to ensure your marketing tells the right story to the right audience.

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