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Experience, passion and the ability to make it happen – meet the Leadership behind Simple.

Aden Forrest, CEO of Simple

Aden Forrest – Chief Executive Officer

Simple solves a big strategic problem for business. Just as Salesforce did for sales, Simple gives companies visibility into the effectiveness of their total marketing expenditure by enabling them to plan, review and optimise their marketing operations with the same excellence and efficiency they expect from other parts of their organisation.”

Aden became CEO of Simple in October 2017 and is well on his way to bringing his vision for Simple to life. He has a proven track record in establishing and leading high-growth marketing technology companies. He established marketing automation firm Marketo as its founding managing director in APAC, and helped to establish Salesforce as country manager for NZ, and then director of enterprise sales in Australasia. Highly effective, driven and motivating – these are just a few of the words that have been used to describe our fearless leader.

Joe Jarrett Simple EMEA, COO

Joe Jarrett – Chief Operating Officer

“In a rapidly evolving marketplace, the balance between innovation, customer service and brand promise is key to any brand’s agenda. Marketers demand a solution that includes best-in-class software, process management and measurement tools that can have a profound impact on planning, creative, workflow, and reporting… Simple really!”

Joe is a successful business leader who brings more than 25 years’ experience in establishing and growing technology companies across the marketing and advertising industries. He is a collaborative leader who builds high levels of capability and engagement from his client-focused teams, embedding customer-centric values within a culture of continuous improvement. Prior to joining Simple in June 2018, Joe performed a variety of C-level roles for companies such as Adgistics, Adstream and Quickcut.

Simple Chief Data Scientist Suresh Sood

Suresh Sood – Chief Data Scientist

“In the world of ‘always on’ marketing Simple leverages cognitive computing and machine learning to bring context and relevance to every AI-infused marketing brief. In turn, this increases the tenure of the CMO and the marketing team. Furthermore, this attention to the process of marketing using Simple is the best strategic investment an organisation can make.”

Suresh applies knowledge of non-financial data and machine learning in diverse fields from financial services to social media marketing. Graduating in Physics from London University and receiving a PhD on big data brand storytelling from the University of Technology Sydney, he has also provided thought leadership in the development of the popular trans-disciplinary Master of Data Science and Innovation. Suresh has held positions as Data Scientist at Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, as a Senior Vice President at Reuters/TIBCO Finance and advises a range of early-stage data-centric tech companies.

Patrick Lynch CFO Simple

Patrick Lynch – Chief Financial Officer

“Simple’s intelligent marketing operations software solves a global problem by providing a central source of truth for marketing, finance, legal and compliance teams to collaborate more effectively and measure the outcomes being achieved.”

Pat loves technology, software and the energy of high-growth companies! He joins Simple from a stint as CFO at Arinex and was previously a Director at KPMG. He has spent a career designing and implementing strategies that win in rapidly changing markets, and using business intelligence to drive competitive advantage. Pat is helping Simple to navigate the demands of high growth and build an adaptive organisation that can grow with speed and confidence, and return value to our customers and investors alike.

Bronwen Edwards, Chief Customer Officer at Simple

Bronwen Edwards – Chief Customer Officer

“At Simple we go above and beyond to understand our customers’ challenges in marketing and we work closely with them to streamline, manage and optimise their operations. The benefits are clear in the first 12 months: greater clarity around roles and expectations, more efficient teams, improved brand consistency and compliance, and lower costs.”

Bronwen is a strategic professional services leader with more than twelve years’ experience in consulting, marketing and technology across multiple industries. Previously
Professional Services Manager at Marketo in Australasia, and prior to that, holding a number of marketing roles in companies including American Express and Thomson Reuters, she is passionate about helping sales and marketing teams transform their performance and drive revenue by leveraging a combination of the right technology, effective processes and data-centric strategy.

Ben Keith heads up Global Strategic Partnerships at Simple

Ben Keith – Head of Global Strategic Partnerships

“Simple’s intelligent marketing platform provides an innovative central hub that helps marketing teams reduce operational complexity. To facilitate this, we are partnering closely with Microsoft and other companies to help create a seamless martech ecosystem with standard operating procedures, underpinned by AI, that enable teams to boost visibility and effectiveness, and increase marketing-led growth.”

Ben has 25 years’ experience supporting global strategic business aspirations with technology. Before joining Simple he spent 14 years in senior roles with Microsoft in the UK and HQ. Over that time, Ben has developed a particular focus on the relationship between organisations and their customers, the business value offered by technology and the ethical use of AI.

Tony_Bernadis, IT Director, Simple

Tony Bernardis – Information Technology Director

“The threat of Digital Darwinism – where technology and society evolve faster than an organisation can adapt – means businesses must compete not only for today but also for the unforeseeable future. The answer is digital transformation: the use of technology and methodology to address shifts in behaviour by adopting or improving processes and systems to amplify existing and new opportunities. Our goal is to ensure Simple’s IT knowledge, technological skillset and experience in producing our intelligent marketing platform is second to none and this benefit is demonstrable and passed on in all our work, enabling our customers also to achieve successful digital transformations.”

Tony is an output-focused, teams and multi-disciplined project manager with more than 20 years’ experience in IT management, commercial software and project delivery. He previously worked for a number of FTSE100 and international global organisations in a variety of customer-focused and service industries, and is an expert in designing, building and delivering IT solutions, systems, teams and processes​ to work collaboratively with business users and their customers to get the most out of technology.

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