Marketing is hard. Great marketing is even harder.

Whether your marketing strategy is focused on acquisition, retention, or both, make sure your campaigns and customer experiences deliver the goods. Simple gives you complete visibility, accountability and control of the complex journey from data and insight to execution and delivery.

We’ve teamed up with Microsoft to deliver a 3-part webinar series highlighting the ways in which the Simple Marketing Hub transforms the customer experience, automates compliance and leverages the full power of Microsoft technology.

Balancing brand loyalty with activation
On-demand: Available Tuesday 20th April
Finding the right balance between acquiring new customers and fighting churn, meeting the customer experience challenge with Simple.

Stronger and more assured compliance
On-demand: Available Thursday 6th May
As insurance products become more personalised, the pressure to remain legally compliant grows. Use Marketing Resource Management to automate compliance.

The new product challenge
On-demand: Available Thursday 20th May
Using digital, data and AI to attract new customers and increase brand strength, through new and increasingly personalised approaches.

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