Event: Is martech stunting or driving your marketing effectiveness?

  • by Team Simple
  • 2 weeks ago

In 2018, marketing has become convoluted, over-elaborate and confused. Are there excess building blocks in your marketing stack?

The number of marketing technologies increases year after year, nudging us towards new areas of interest, trends and sometimes obsessions.

Enterprise marketing teams use an average of 90 cloud marketing tools, generating 90 different sets of overlapping data with fewer insights or clear ‘decision paths’ as a result.

Such complexity comes at a massive cost.

As we struggle to join all our activity together we also battle to understand and demonstrate our value to our organisation.

Join Simple and other senior leaders for a brutally honest discussion about a key question hanging over enterprise marketing as we approach 2019: Is marketing technology stunting or driving your marketing effectiveness?

You’ll hear from:

  • Alexander von Schirmeister, Member of the Innovation Council – CBI, former CMO, eBay Europe and former Chief Digital, Technology & Innovation Officer, RS Components
  • Abigail Comber, CMO, Oyster Yachts and former Head of Brand, Marketing & Customer, British Airways
  • Alan Crawley, CEO & Founder, Optima Partners
  • Aden Forrest, CEO, Simple

Hear some of marketing’s most forward-looking senior leaders across brand, consultancy and B2B technology share their observations, insights and tips on how to make your marketing technology work for you.

Come and be part of the conversation:
The Soho Hotel,
4 Richmond Mews,
Soho, London W1D 3DH
Wed Dec 5, 2018 1pm – 5pm (GMT)
Full refreshments provided

For more details, contact Joe Jarrett.

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