MRM In The Age Of Intelligence

Almost two in three marketers have expanded their responsibilities to include managing the customer experience, but the same proportion still struggle to meet basic brand governance expectations. Don’t let this be you!

First-time research from Simple and the Australian Marketing Institute lifts the lid on the complex world of Marketing Resource Management. In quantitative research and interviews with more than 300 marketers, we found:

87% rate brand consistency as very or extremely important
59% rate their own brand consistency as moderate at best only
13% easily monitor their spending against budget

Download the study to discover how marketing teams are managing the customer experience and using people, partners and technology to plan, create and optimise their marketing effectively. Learn why many:

– Struggle to obtain a big-picture view of planning, budgeting, governance and activity
– Fall at the first hurdle when it comes to unearthing customer insights
– Are experimenting with agile processes in the search for speed and flexibility

PLUS: Find out how AI can help marketers improve their marketing operations and create more insightful marketing!

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    “Many experienced marketers are being charged with managing the entire customer experience, including call centres and potentially shopfronts. I don’t think it’s easy, but I do think it’s desirable.”

    – Pat Duffy – Former CMO Defence Force Recruiting, Telstra