Your guide to marketing planning in the digital era.

With new digital channels emerging every six months, are traditional planning processes keeping pace with modern marketing requirements? In this eBook we break down marketing planning and discuss:

The need for change

What does ‘marketing planning’ encompass, are traditional processes keeping pace with the digital era, and what does the new model look like?

Planning in practice

From FMCG to Technology, marketing planning can be a challenge. We spoke to three senior marketers about their planning process, priorities and problems.

9 strategies to modernise

Zero-based budgeting, continuous calendar planning, feasibility reviews and more: we’ve got nine solutions to help bring your marketing plan into the modern era!

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    “According to an HBR study, nine out of 10 organisations use spreadsheets for planning, but only one in five is happy with them. Planning in spreadsheets is time-consuming, inefficient and error-prone, the data is static, collaboration is difficult and version control is a problem.”