The Power of Simple for the three Cs

For cutting costs

Imagine you’re one of the world’s largest retail banks – and your advertising agency costs are constantly running nearly 50% above retainer every month. That was the case with one Simple customer – until they used the Power of Simple’s marketing resource management platform to identify exactly where that money was being wasted, trim the fat and put approvals workflows in place to make sure it never happens again. In doing so, they significantly reduced above-retainer costs. While another Simple customer – a globally recognised retailer – uncovered $22 million in hidden operational savings per year.

For compliance

For marketers, the regulatory landscape is getting tougher and tougher. Across the globe, marketing compliance requirements are becoming stricter, while the complexity of modern marketing departments can make manual stakeholder sign-off next to impossible. The Power of Simple for compliance builds all your approvals into workflows that ensure advertising campaigns and marketing content can’t leave the building until the right people see it and give it the okay. That way, you know you’re doing everything in your power to make your marketing completely accountable.

For crushing it

If you’re like a lot of senior marketers, you may feel more like a project manager than a strategic resource, focused on revenue and growth – losing hours every day to putting out fires and herding cats. The Power of Simple changes all that. With centralised visibility of all the activity you have going on, you can streamline productivity in the same way one of the world’s largest retailers did, using Simple. They turned 30 unconnected spreadsheets into one single view of campaigns, budgets and results, increased campaign output by 7%, and reduced their marketing operations workload by 5 hours per day.

The Power of Simple for…
agile marketing
When a sudden opportunity or threat presents itself, the bigger your marketing department, the harder and it can be to respond in time. But with a single command centre for marketing, you can instantly alert the whole team and have those changes take effect immediately. THE PAIN OF COMPLEX Updating
everyone at
Playing a game of Chinese whispers in order to alert your entire marketing team of a new strategic direction and hoping for the best.
The Power of Simple for…
application integration
THE POWER OF SIMPLE ‘Out of the box’, Simple integrates with over 500 other martech applications, including Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Adobe Experience Manager. So you can go from data and insight to workflow management to campaign execution without missing a beat. Throwing out, switching off or somehow figuring out how to work around all the other applications critical to the smooth functioning of your day-to-day marketing operations. THE POWER OF SIMPLE No-fuss
integration with all of them.
The Power of Simple for…
brand integrity
You took the time and effort to build a known and trusted brand – so Simple brand automation lets your national and global teams work straight into templates you create, approve and control. That way, no-one ‘goes rogue’ and starts damaging your brand by doing their own thing. THE PAIN OF COMPLEX Continually checking in to make sure your local marketing managers haven’t started running their own Facebook campaigns using animated Star Wars GIFs they found using Google. THE POWER OF SIMPLE On-brand templates anyone can use.
The Power of Simple for…
approvals and compliance
With all the careful work gone into your customer journeys, it would be a shame to leave gaps. With a single, centralised view of CX briefs, you can see any possibilities you’ve overlooked, as well as opportunities to cross-sell and upsell to your customers. Implementing your customer experience journey based seventeen of those giant Post-it® notes, some of which are legible, some of which look like the work of a drunken chimpanzee. THE POWER OF SIMPLE Immediate access to every CX brief. THE PAIN OF COMPLEX
The Power of Simple for…
real collaboration
Simple marketing resource management, digital asset management and brand automation operate within the Microsoft Teams environment – the world’s most popular collaboration platform – making it easy for your team to learn and master. Hundreds of people across your organisation spending valuable hours, days and weeks learning a new marketing resource management platform the hard way – from scratch. THE POWER OF SIMPLE The instant familiarity of Microsoft Teams. THE PAIN OF COMPLEX
The Power of Simple for…
strategic brand-building
You know the secret to marketing magic is the right mix of brand and tactical effort. But the top floor demands immediate results. So what if you could make significant cuts to your day-to-day marketing costs and buy time to grow awareness, loyalty and pricing power? Accommodating the C-suite’s relentless pursuit of short-term tactical results at the expense
of strategic excellence and long-term brand building.
THE POWER OF SIMPLE Buying time to build brand by saving millions in operational costs. THE PAIN OF COMPLEX

The Power of Simple for your industry


For banking, finance and insurance

The Power of Simple and financial services go back a long way – Simple was originally created by and for one of the world’s largest retail banks. Simple helps banks, insurers, super funds and other financial services providers navigate the complexity of the modern regulatory landscape, by building critical approvals processes into automated workflows that ensure senior stakeholders approve what needs to be approved, every time. And with Simple, everything from your biggest brand campaign to your latest tactical mail-out is centralised and visible, meaning you don’t miss a thing.

For the public sector

As government becomes increasingly citizen-centric, there’s a greater need for public sector marketing professionals to create not just communications campaigns, but real value for communities, families and individuals across a variety of touchpoints. The Power of Simple helps in three ways. First, it brings real efficiencies to the way your day-to-day work flows, helping you operate at the lowest possible cost to serve. Second, it gives you a pool of historical data from which to align campaign budgets with campaign success, doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t. And third, it makes reporting to all stakeholders easy with clear data visualisation tools.


For retailers

For digital, traditional and omni-channel retailers, the pressure to get every touchpoint right has never been greater. Always under threat of disruption, retailers need to match their rivals and be ready to go to market at a moment’s notice, with an ever more Agile approach to marketing, advertising and digital growth channels. The Power of Simple is helping define operational excellence for retailers, working with some of the world’s most progressive e-commerce providers to provide a smooth operational transition from data-driven customer insights to the executional channels that drive profitability and growth.

Simple Marketing Resource Management


Simple Marketing Resource Management


Simple Marketing Resource Management


The Power of Simple for getting it done

For smart marketing leaders

You’re probably familiar with the thing we hear most often from our customers – they spend too much of their day lost in a maze of operational complexities. Checking up on work in progress, joining the dots between dozens of campaign budgets, figuring out who’s doing what and who needs to be across which initiatives. It can feel like somewhere between a day-care centre and a war zone.

For marketing leaders, the Power of Simple lifts you above the fray. Imagine coming in to work every day and just knowing everything. The status of every campaign and job. How budgets are tracking. How much capacity there is to take on new work. What’s been approved, and where the correct, most up-to-date version of every asset can be found. Simple does all of this straight out of the box.

For sharp marketing ops leaders

Being the ‘left brain’ of the marketing department can bring huge demands on marketing operations to keep everything moving and get work out the door. Of course, you’ll be familiar with the many workflow tools available to help, but Simple at its heart was made with marketing – and especially marketing operations – in mind.

We find our marketing ops customers get the most out of Simple in three ways. First, it lines up your ducks across resourcing, briefing and planning, meaning nothing gets overlooked. Second, it puts proper scaffolding around those team members (and even team leaders – you know the ones) who might neglect to dot all their ‘i’s and cross all their ’t’s. And third, it integrates with the automation tools that drive productivity in your business.

For savvy finance leaders

It’s no secret that there can be a bit of tension between the CFO and the CMO when it comes to what marketing means for a business. But believe it or not, Simple can help that relationship become much more fruitful.

For example, once you’ve got the hang of Simple, you can use the platform to closely examine processes large and small – anything that might be slowing your team down. From overlong creative reviews to excess team capacity that’s going to waste, you and your marketing leadership have a birds-eye view of what needs to happen. You’ll also have a single, centralised view of budgets and expenditure, down to the campaign and job level, so you can spot hidden out-of-scope costs and other sources of operational bloat – and cut them out.

For transformational IT leaders

Marketing has sometimes been neglected in the digital transformation journey. While the sheer amount of martech has greatly expanded in the last ten years, integration is still key to achieving the real efficiencies transformation is capable of.

As a marketing platform and marketing operations powerhouse, Simple sits at the centre of your martech stack and makes everything else work ten times harder. Our customers have seen huge efficiency gains – reducing marketing operations workloads by 5 hours per day, or increasing campaign output by nearly 10%. And by transforming the way our customers work with their agencies, we helped one e-commerce retailer save $22 million per year.

Slide The Power of the Microsoft Power Platform Your designers (or external agencies) start by creating templates with fields that can be easily modified by your Simple brand automation users. Most of the most popular design applications are supported, including CAD and the Adobe Creative Suite. Slide Optimised for innovation The Power Platform’s no-code/low-code functionality means in many cases customising Simple to the specific needs of your business is a piece of cake. While at the same time, the Power Platform’s pro-code capabilities mean we’ve got a plethora of advanced features on our product roadmap – many in response to the needs and insights of our customers.

Slide Secure hosting anywhere you need it If you’re like many of the organisations we work with, you have strict requirements around how and where your data is hosted. Simple takes advantage of the global availability of Microsoft Azure, whether as a SaaS deployment (with 160 data centres in 60 regions around the world), or in or your own (customer-managed) instance. Either way, the freedom of Azure makes it easy to meet your IT governance requirements. Slide Designed with collaboration in mind Simple operates intuitively within the globally familiar environment of Microsoft Teams (or, alternatively, via any web browser). Teams is the most popular collaboration application in the world – so it only makes sense that working within Teams can help your team get up to speed sooner and see value from your investment faster. Slide The natural extension of Dynamics 365 We like to think of Simple as being as essential to the high performing marketing department of the 2020s as the CRM has become in the last two decades. Being closely tied to foundational Microsoft technology, Simple makes for a perfect partnership with Microsoft Dynamics 365. But of course Simple integrates easily and elegantly with any CRM, including Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle and SAP.