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A day in the life of strategic partner director, Suresh Sood

  • by Team Simple
  • 8 months ago

The 5:00 am morning starts with a virtual run either round South Island, New Zealand or a forest in Germany. I just don’t care for a monotonous treadmill exercise staring at a blank wall!

These virtual courses serve to make the early morning run both fun and educational. Favourite podcasts while on the run include sound bites from my favourite Marketing Over Coffee , Social Media Marketing , Internet Marketing , O’Reilly Data Show and MacBreak Weekly. The rest of the day at Simple is about Enabling Reality with our partners.

Why is the Simple eco-system of partners so important? The network of Simple Partners is able to provide edge applications representing the last mile into a brand’s touchpoints. Furthermore, these partners provide a growing community of marketing technology players and consultants across the planet.

In fact, the MarTech landscape in 2017 comprises over 5,000 solutions. Pity the poor marketer dealing with all these edge applications.

At 8:00 am, I reach out to one of our newer partners in Silicon Valley Fanplayr (who help make behavioral data actionable with real-time targeting) to confirm an April visit and roadshow for Sydney and Melbourne.

Our discussion revolves around the importance of how the Australian retail and financial services industries can move beyond transactional (conversion) data to big data, allowing a greater understanding of consumer leakage on their own media (websites).

Having served previously as a data scientist my interaction with partners helps bring to life and enable the reality of how together with Simple we can truly bring big data and AI into the marketing departments and beyond of our customers with practical outcomes.

By 9:00 am, I find myself engaging with a Marketing Performance partner over a virtual conference with Vancouver, Canada. With coffee in hand at 9:45 am and a short walk from our Sydney Office, I visit the Microsoft team operating out of George Street.

Heading out from Microsoft 5 minutes later, I find myself with the CEO of an exciting application in a new emerging category of software called regtech. This category of software helps our customers reduce compliance costs while trying to stay up to date with regulation. A whiteboard session drilling down on how our organisations might likely work together completes this session.

As we review the meetings of the day, the variety of working with different partners and helping ideate the scenarios of working together with the Simple platform are truly exhilarating as one thinks about we can truly make improvements in age old marketing processes while enhancing customer revenues.

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