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A day in the life of functional consultant and trainer, Mark Horton

  • by Simple
  • 7 months ago

How do you solve a problem like EVERYTHING?


My morning is all about my passions. I’m a morning person. I wake up without an alarm. I pop right up and can’t wait to get into each passion of mine.

First thing’s first, where is that little puppy?!? I have a perfect, little, 5kg size pocket puppy- whom you can see on Simple’s website. My partner tosses and turns at night. So it is always a bit of a challenge to see where amongst the covers the puppy has found a safe space, a space in which he won’t be in danger of being smothered. I love cuddling with the puppy first thing, and he knows to follow me to the kitchen or bathroom or wherever I may go- no objections, that is a prerequisite!

Next on my daily list, I need to feel comforted by the scent of fresh laundry. It’s a bit of an obsession in that I LOVE it. If I’m at home, I do laundry everyday. But even when I’m travelling, I like finding accommodation that will allow me to not miss a laundry opportunity. Something about that scent makes me feel at peace with the world. So laundry comes second, how could it not ?!? 🙂

I usually then head to the kitchen to pull my first coffee: DOUBLE espresso (with puppy following each footstep towards the espresso machine). I can set the coffee to be pulled, and get back to folding laundry while it is being drawn into my favourite espresso glasses. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that the best part of waking up is that first coffee (and every other coffee thereafter).

Finally, just like every other person alive, with phone in tow, I do my rounds through social media. I keep an extremely heavy tennis focus. I have a tennistagram and a petstagram (for Dexter puppy) that I update on the regular. And I like my content to be fresh, feel interesting and conjure nostalgia.

Once I start my meetings for the day, if these things have been crossed off, I know there is nothing that can drag me down 🙂

My day typically involves a heavy rotation of teaching webinars, facilitating online training, consulting about anything and everything to do with Simple with both colleagues and clients, and then making sure I can put my own stamp of approval on all the relationships I manage during the implementation and delivery cycles of Simple. My day is not always in that order, and tbh there is not always an order. The exciting thing about consulting is that those responsibilities can sometimes go as planned, and can sometimes be… the opposite. I like to think my ability to deal with the unknown really suits me in my consulting role. I like using a bit of foresight to try to look ahead by an hour, a day, a week, a month, or even a year 😉 to try to anticipate the type of information that I should be ready to present and deliver. If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready 🙂

The beautiful thing about my day is that it is a constant rinse and repeat of completely inconsistent things… so hence, my morning puppy>laundry>coffee>tennis routine lets me start with my best foot. After that, I am ready to dive into anything and everything that may come my way. No worries 🙂

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