How much time does your marketing team spend actually doing marketing? For many large marketing teams it might be 70% on a good day — and 30% on a bad one.

Taking 50% as the mid-point — and taking inspiration from the famous quote that “Half my advertising is wasted, I just don’t know which half” — half your internal marketing team head hours could be being frittered away on unproductive activity.

Where does that time go?

  • Holding meetings about marketing;
  • Creating and updating spreadsheets about marketing;
  • Looking for marketing assets;
  • Sending emails seeking and following up on feedback about marketing;
  • Re-briefing marketing requests that went off the rails;
  • Finding out the correct process to get marketing activity approved and out the door;
  • Requesting and chasing legal, risk and compliance sign-off for marketing;
  • Requesting and chasing sign-off on marketing projects;
  • Requesting marketing assets from your agencies;
  • Creating presentations about what marketing has been working on.

Does any of this sound familiar? It’s all time that could so much better be spent actually doing marketing.

We’ve identified 10 things that can make modern marketing a grind. Read on to identify the organisational drag holding back your marketing team, and the quick fixes that will help you put the fun and creativity back into your working life.

Some of our recommendations are about communication and clarity; others are about best-practice processes for managing briefing and approvals; and still others are about the clever use of technology to automate the invisible work that can suck the lifeblood out of your marketing team.

Above all, make these simple changes to your planning, briefing, collaboration and approval processes and you will be rewarded with time your team can then spend creating more effective marketing.


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